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Patented Technology  US8751594 B2

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Lavoult's worldwide encrypted internal email and messaging solution
Patent number US8751594 B2


Is your Data Safe?

Data breaches are a growing concern for everyone, whether you’re a financial institution, a government entity, a hospital, a corporation or an individual, your data is at risk.  LaVoult provides a secure, real-time data management solution across multiple platforms.


About LaVoult’s Technology

Server Ownership

Enterprise owns the communication server and encryption keys. Additionally, LaVoult is a white label offering.

End-to-End Privacy

LaVoult’s secure data network and storage is protected by the same industry-standard encryption used by many government agencies and businesses, including banks and financial institutions.  LaVoult uses two powerful cryptographic technology protocols, Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) and SHA-256.

Carrier-grade Encryption

Ensures the utmost private lines of secured communication and data storage protection. With LaVoult, private communication archives are never left on your desktop or mobile device.

Multi-platform Support

Compatible with all your business critical devices, including Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android for mobile phones and tables and Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows 7 for desktop and notebook PCs

Variable Security Levels

LaVoult’s messaging platform offers several options for real-time messaging, including the ability to determine the lifespan and security level of a messaging conversation such as, “For-your-eyes-only, self-erasing,” and “Limited life span” private messaging with no archiving. Patent US8751594.

Reliable Security

Beyond using the most powerful cryptographic technology to guard client data, LaVoult also adheres to National Security Agency (NSA) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) standards.

Now More Than Ever

Enterprises should take ownership of all their communications. LaVoult offers an encrypted solution for today’s corporations looking to secure and own their communication data.

App Offerings 


White Label Offering 


LaVoult is a platform that enables you to easily Operate and Own “ private communication network”



Our Solutions Offers

LaVoult’s Encrypted Platform Apps for IOS, Android, Mac and Pc

Encrypted Server in your data center, behind your firewalls under your control.

Fully encrypted cloud offering

Ephemeral and Normal archivable messaging and “Internal- Email”

Chat Groups (Normal and Private messaging modes)

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that
we all need privacy!

LaVoult is a startup technology company based in San Diego, CA, that provides patented, leading- edge solutions for secure messaging.

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